Debugging Mulberry Mail

There are times when you want to see what is happening to your mail at a protocol level, and if you use the Mulberry mail client then you are in luck because this excellent client will let you do that – if you can remember what the debug sequence is.

For the record on Windows it is ‘ALT F4 F4ALT F F’ which lets you select what you want to debug and the log files will then be written into the /logs sub folder in the Mulberry installation directory.

(Corrected the key sequence to ALT F F as of course ALT F4 closes Mulberry, sorry, very very sorry!)

On OSX it is ‘ALT Preferences’ and the log file is stored in the Mulberry application folder by default. You can get to this by opening the Applications folder (right click on the Applications folder icon on the dock bar), then selecting Mulberry and right clicking and selecting ‘Show Package Contents’.


There is information on the Mulberry wiki at

One thought on “Debugging Mulberry Mail

  1. […] Protocol logging showed the IMAP login and facilities of the mail server, then a SEARCH UNSEEN, then nothing. […]

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