Fiddling with keys on an Apple aluminium keyboard under Windows

So I am switching back to using a Mac, after having found myself in PC land for 4 or more years. So far I have managed to move to a dual monitor Mac/single monitor Windows setup (one shared monitor) with a single keyboard – the lovely wired Apple aluminium keyboard (used with a cheap KVM switcher but I only use the keyboard switching – it isn’t perfect as there is an OS interrupt but it works well enough).

So the issue is or was how you get a # (hash) character to display on screen. It’s easy if you are using the UK keyboard on OSX, you use ALT-3. But under Windows (XP) that had no effect, and nor did any other set of key sequences I tried.

and then a thought… sure enough CTRL-ALT-3 produces the #.
(except in Pidgin for some reason)
(and except in Word where it seemed to change the style until I set it to be the shortcut to enter #)

A few more things of note that might save you endless Googling about using the keyboard with Windows:


Using the F10/F11/F12 volume buttons requires you to install Bootcamp 3.0 and then apply the Bootcamp 3.1 update. If you don’t install the update the keys stop working after some time. It would be nicer to extract the keyboard driver but I couldn’t find  way to do that in the 3.1 update. Once you have installed the files and restarted you will find that your hard disk has been renamed to “BOOTCAMP”. The F7/F8/F9 media keys work with iTunes if it is the uppermost application. There are two Apple Services that can be set to Disabled in Control Panel:Administrative Tools:Services to speed up your reboot time –  Apple OS Switch Manager and Apple Time Service. They serve no function when you are running on native Windows XP (but they are used when you run on Windows on Bootcamp on an OSX machine).

The print screen key is F14. No need to use any modifier keys.

I’ll put some screenshots up sometime.


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