Excel 2007 and PDF Creation

So I was trying to create a PDF of a timesheet for one of my projects. I use PDFCreator to do this but it kept producing blank documents.

I then realised that I was selecting not PDFCreator as my printer but the recently installed Presto! Pagemanager PDF writer printer. This had been installed when I connected my new Canon PIXMA MX850 multi-function printer jobbie.

I figured that was causing a problem so I uninstalled it. No change.

I decided it was time to update PDFCreator even though it hadn’t had a problem the month before, or the month before that. I was on 0.8.0 which it turned out was quite old. An upgrade to 0.9.5 from http://www.pdfcreator.de.vu/ brought everything back to life.

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